Quick Tip: Hello Kitty!

On one of our European trips, a portion of the time was with an organized tour. Alcoholic beverages weren’t included in our tour price. However, our tour leader was a bit of a wine connoisseur and enjoyed wine with meals. Since he was familiar with local wines and wanted to share the experience with us, he asked those who wanted to have wine with their meals to contribute $50 to a kitty that would be used during the tour to buy wine for the meals. I thought, what a great idea that could be applied to lots of group activities.

If you’re traveling with a group, have each member contribute a set amount, like $50, into a kitty to be used for group expenses: taxi rides, pitchers of beer, shared meals, etc. It saves time and is much easier than trying to split every bill among the group. When the kitty runs out, have everyone pony up some more. At the end of the trip, just split the remainder.

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