About Us

The peripatetic couple

We are the peripatetic couple: Eric and Sheri. We’re from Edmonds, Washington, USA, a small suburb of Seattle. At least that’s where we normally live when we’re not traveling. We love to see the world, meet new people, try different food, experience life in other countries, and expand our knowledge of the world.

We like to travel inexpensively. We don’t often stay in 3, 4, or 5 star hotels, don’t particularly care for cruises, rarely eat at Michelin-starred restaurants and try to avoid the tours printed in glossy brochures. However, we’re a bit older, so we don’t really hang with the backpacker youth either and avoid the party buses, but sometimes we overnight in hostels. When there’s a choice between traveling on the luxury boat or the local people’s boat, we’ll do the latter, even if it means we won’t understand anything they’re saying.

When we’re not traveling, Sheri works for a large software company in the U.S. I do freelance web design, photography and social media. We try to stay active, but that can sometimes be a challenge. To that end, we also enjoy cycling, skiing, SCUBA diving, backpacking, and hiking. I enjoy cooking and Sheri enjoys eating it. We both enjoy wine and I was active in the wine industry in the past. I have a wine blog at Bricks of Wine, but lately you’ll find me on Delectable. I take a lot of photos when we travel and you can find those at my photography site and on Instagram.

About this site

peripatetic |ˌperipəˈtetik |
adjective – traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.

Why did we chose the title of the site? Frankly, every other domain name was already taken. Obviously, our idea isn’t unique. Lots of people go around the world, and many choose to blog about their travels. We didn’t simply want to add to the noise on the Internet like so many other sites. Ours is a unique perspective outside of the tour groups, among the locals with stories of everyday life on the road, combined with stunning photography, we offer a glimpse at the world that few tourists see. If you’re an armchair traveler, we invite you to join us on a virtual tour of the world. Along the way, we offer practical advice on planning your own RTW trip.

For almost as long as we’ve been married, we dreamed of traveling for an extended period. Nine years ago, we started saving for our trip fund and Sheri started accumulating award miles with the airlines. We recently reached some milestones and decided it was time to live the dream. This blog is all about our RTW trip; initially, its planning, and later, stories from the road. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures, and if it inspires you to take a trip of your own, then we are glad we could help. Drop us an email, comment on our posts, follow us on social media, especially Facebook or Instagram, or join us along the way.

Oh, one more thing. We paid for everything we review. It allows us to be impartial with our opinions. We have affiliate links to the corresponding product page on Amazon. If you are thinking about buying one of the items we mention on our site, please use the link here so that we may receive a little bit of a commission. It doesn’t cost you any more and helps us keep our site up and running. Thanks!

Safe and happy travels to you.